How I Split my Workout Days?

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Knowing how to do workout exercises well is something we are usually worried about, but the when to train is something we should also be aware of. It is super important to be organized and plan a workout routine for the week, in which you will be targeting specific group muscles depending on your goals.

The weights used for each workout session will vary depending on your physical strenght and past workouts. A good way to know if you are using the right weights is to start with relatively light weights and if you are able to do more than 20 repetitions without bringing the muscles to failure then you should increase the weights. But, if you are unable to complete at least 8 repetitions with these weights then you should decrease the weights used, to avoid any types of injuries. The most important is to keep good form during each repetition. Do not focus too much on the weights. Having a good technique will for sure give you results!

If you take one hour of your day to workout, six times a week you could split your days like I do:

Monday: Cardio and Abs
Tuesday: Hamstrings and Glutes
Wednesday: Chest, Biceps/Triceps
Thursday: Back and Abs
Firday: Shoulders
Saturday: Quads and Calves
Sunday: Rest

If you can only go to the gym for one hour, three times a week, you should try to include compound exercises in your workouts, maybe the following plan could work best for you:

Monday: Back, Biceps and Abs.
Wednesday: Pecs, triceps and Abs.
Saturday: Legs and Shoulders.

Write your workout plan on a paper and post it on your wall to make sure you actually do it! Sometimes we need to see it there to feel like we need to get it done.



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